Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Cookbook

Back in September I entered a a giveaway on Southern Living Magazine's blog, The Daily South.  I won a copy of Around the Southern Table.  It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and I've just finished reading through it.  It is a gorgeous book with amazing photography.  I've been cooking "Southern" for all of my adult life so a lot of these recipes were familiar, but most had a twist that I hadn't thought of or were for things that I could remember from my childhood, but had no idea how to make (or even what they were called so that I could Google them.)

The highlight of the book though, was the little inserts from famous Southerners about their memories from around their own tables.  My personal favorites were from Vern Yip (from HGTV) and Zac Brown (front man for The Zac Brown Band).

I cook a lot and I read a lot, so for a cookbook to actually impress me is very rare.  But I can recommend this one whole heartedly... well, maybe not for those who are dieting.  Country Ham Jam is definitely not for the calorie conscious.

I won the book and I am not getting anything from Amazon or Southern Living.  I'm just sharing something that I enjoyed, which is pretty much the point of this blog :)

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  1. Sounds like a good book to discuss while the kids play:) Congrats on the win:)