Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've been seeing The Simple Woman's Daybook on some of the blogs that I visit regularly.  So today I decided to give it a try.


Outside my window...  My sad looking yard.  It's still cold and gray.  I do see about 3 blooms on my forsythia...maybe Spring really is coming.

I am thinking... That I should do more with this blog.  My motivation is lacking.

I am thankful... That the chaos of the world stops at my doorstep.  It's crazy out there.

In the kitchen...  There is a pack of apple chicken sausages waiting for me to cook them.

I am wearing... Gray yoga pants and a pink t-shirt with bare feet.  Even when it's cold I can't abide socks and shoes indoors.

I am creating... This blog and little else.  My creativity is pretty much nil this time of year.

I am going...   Not leaving the house if I can avoid it today.  Tomorrow will be errands and grocery shopping.

I am wondering... What to get my son for his birthday.  He's going to be 20 soon! Where does the time go?

I am reading...  Cold Days (from the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher and Nigllisima (cookbook) by Nigella Lawson.

I am hoping... For a certain '69 Camaro that may be coming our way.

I am looking forward to... My son coming home from college for Spring Break this weekend.

I am learning... To take better care of myself.  I allowed myself to get too rundown and now I'm learning to rest and nourish my body.

Around the house... The basic stuff, plus starting some seeds for the garden.  The lettuce seeds are coming along much quicker than expected.

I am pondering... Lexington Comic Con.  My son has asked me to return to school with him at the end of Spring Break and spend a weekend with him and his friends at Comic Con.

A favorite quote for today... "Why didn't I just stay home where it's nice and quiet and nothing ever happens?"  --Daria Morgendorffer

One of my favorite things... The Himalayan Salt lamp that I got for Christmas.  It's gorgeous and supposedly has health benefits, too.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Enjoy spending time with my son while he's home. 

A peek into my day...  Unfortunately, I've lost the cord that goes from camera to computer.  This pretty much sums it up, though.


  1. you are so lucky your son is coming home for spring break! my big child didn't have time to come in...

  2. I am very lucky. He's been able to come home for every break since he started there, so far. Sorry your kiddo didn't have time. Hope you get to see him? her? soon.