Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vanilla Coffee Creamer

My husband and I love coffee.  I mean, we really *love* coffee.  We also love flavored coffee creamers.  However, the last few months or so the ones that I'd been buying at the store have started to have a funny after taste to me.  It doesn't seem to matter what flavor or what brand I buy...they all taste weird.  When I mentioned this to my husband, he said that the creamers seem to be giving him stomach aches.  After I took a look at the ingredients list of those things, I wasn't really surprised.

Weird taste + Stomach aches = Me not buying that crap

So while I was trying to figure out a substitute, I happened to remember our last few trips to the Smoky Mountains.  We usually stay in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge, but we always drive over to Cherokee, NC.  There is an amazing little coffee shop there called Tribal Grounds.  We haven't been there in over a year, but the memory of my coffee drink made with sweetened condensed milk lives on.

This can hardly be called a recipe, but it is delicious and does not cause stomach aches.

I just pout one can of sweetened condensed milk into a clean mason jar.  Then fill the empty can up with whole milk and add that to the jar.  I sometimes use a can of regular condensed milk, depending on what my dairy situation is at the time.  Then add about 5 drops of real vanilla extract ((I've used almond and mint as well, but prefer the vanilla).  Put a lid on it and shake the hell out of it.  Seriously.  You've got to really shake it hard to get that thick sweetened condensed milk to combine with the regular milk.  You also have to shake it every time you use it, because it will tend to separate.

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