Saturday, July 27, 2013

At the Family Farm

I spent the first few days of this week with my husband and 2 of my 3 kids at my family farm.  We have some land in the country about a half hour away that has been in my family for 5 generations now.  We don't quite "rough it" as we have a couple of cabins, a well (running water) and electricity, but there is no internet, tv or phone.  I also have no cell phone reception out there.  It is wonderfully quiet.

My brother keeps a few horses on the land and is slowly teaching me and my daughter to ride a little bit.  My oldest son is a natural and took to it like a duck to water.  We rode the trails on the four wheeler, picked a few wild blackberries, played a dozen board games, ate our weight in smores, and just generally relaxed.  My husband cooked all our meals on the fire, and let me tell you... smoke makes everything taste better.

It was a nice break for all of us, and some solid time with my son before he heads back to college in a few weeks.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013

So, long time no post.  My back has taken a lot longer to heal than expected and so I haven't been up to much of anything besides reading, watching tv, and very slowly doing the bare minimum of household chores.      Getting older is such a ... well, I suppose it's better than the alternative.  I hope to have some pictures and maybe some recipes up soon.


Outside my window... The sun is going down after a *miserably* hot day.  The heat index was about 108 this afternoon.

I am thinking... About cutting off the cable.  It's getting so expensive and there is really very little worth watching any more.  I'm afraid the rest of the family might revolt, though.

I am thankful... That aside from a small issue here and there my household is all pretty healthy and happy.

In the kitchen... I have six pint jars of tomatoes that my husband and I canned this morning.  It was our very first time canning anything and I hope we did everything right.

I am wearing... Black shorts, purple tank top, bare feet

I am creating... A wash cloth.  Or maybe it's a dish towel.  I don't know what it's going to wind up being.  It's kind of a trapezoid shape and what I've wound up with as I've practiced my crocheting.

I am going... To spend a few days at the family hunting cabins next week.  Not to hunt, just to get out of town for a bit.  

I am wondering... How my husband is doing at work.  He's a chef and during this heat wave the kitchen he works in gets (in my opinion) dangerously hot.

I am reading... This month's Real Simple Magazine.

I am hoping... That this heatwave breaks soon.

I am looking forward to... Learning to make and can pickles, if I get any cucumbers out of the garden this year.

I am learning... To can tomatoes.

Around the house... In the course of one week I had my vacuum cleaner break and the lower heating element in my oven go out.  My husband fixed the oven and I got a new vacuum, so things are in pretty good shape.

I am pondering... Making a pineapple rum cake tomorrow.  My birthday was this past weekend and cake didn't sound appealing then...but it sounds awesome now.

A favorite quote for today... 我的媽和她的瘋狂的外甥都  (Pronounced Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung)  Translation: Holy Mother of God and all her wacky nephews.  
Just thinking it makes me giggle and the looks I get when I say it out loud are downright hilarious.

One of my favorite things... My laptop computer.  It's just the little $189 Chrome Book but I love it.  It's kept me very entertained during all this forced rest.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Packing up some things to take to the cabin, looking up some campfire recipes, running to the bank and the grocery store.

A peek into my day... (Not my picture, but iced tea is definitely a big part of my day, every day.)