Friday, January 17, 2014

January 17, 2014

Outside my window... It's pitch black and cold.  Not unexpected for 8:00 at night in January.

I am thinking... About trying to cut back on the amount I use my clothes dryer.  It's getting up there in years and is starting to make a squeaky sound sometimes.  I think if I start hanging most of our clothes to dry it might add some time to it's life and cut back on my electric bill.

I am thankful... That there is no rain, snow or ice today.  I'm so very tired of Winter.

In the kitchen... Lots of goodies :)  I turned a rotisserie chicken into chicken quesadillas for dinner.  I then used the bones and scraps of that chicken plus the carcass of the last one (I stored it in the freezer) to make a couple of quarts of chicken stock.  Since someone is constantly sick with a cold around here that should make a couple of nice batches of chicken soup.  I also threw together a pan of banana and white chocolate chip scones.  I've never made these before, but I combined my favorite easy scone recipe and my best banana bread recipe and I have high hopes for it.  It smells great, anyway.

I am wearing... Gray sweatpants and a pink t shirt that reads, "I'm not mean. I just don't like you." lol

I am creating... A delicious smelling house. :)

I am going... To our library's used book sale tomorrow.  I think.

I am wondering... Where my grandparents are.  They travel full time and while they check in at least once a week...I'm not precisely sure where they are tonight.  Somewhere along the Gulf Coast, but beyond that...I'm not sure.

I am reading... Not nearly enough lately.  My attention span is pretty much that of a fly this time of year.  I have a whole stack of magazines that I need to read through and recycle before they completely overtake my coffee table.

I am hoping... For an early Spring.

I am looking forward to... Valentine's Day.

I am learning... To pace myself so I will stop hurting my bad back.

Around the house... Candles.  Candles and more candles.  I received several as Christmas presents and I just love them.

I am pondering... How difficult it would be to learn to carve wooden spoons by hand.  I saw a blog post on it earlier today and I just can't get it out of my mind.

A favorite quote for today... "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."  --Edgar Allan Poe
This is actually one of my all time favorite quotes.  It seemed appropriate since Poe's birthday is in just 2 days.

One of my favorite things... Tea.  Earl Grey.  Hot.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  Gather up books to donate to the library, start pricing new tires for my car, drop a long overdue package at the post office.

A peek into my day... Yes.  That is a (faux) Lego Stargate.  Yes.  It is set up with my Christmas village.  That's just how we roll in this house.  

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