Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March 14, 2017

Outside my window... it is kind of gray and overcast.  It's muddy from the rain/snow we had yesterday, but there are still a few blooms on my pink hyacinths and the forsythia bush. 

I am thinking... about having a third cup of coffee.  I usually try to limit myself to two a day, but the time change has messed up my sleep.  Not that this chronic insomniac needs any help messing up her sleep routine.  What's the name of that movie?  I Can Do Bad All By Myself?  Yeah, that's me when it comes to getting proper rest.

I am thankful... as always, for my husband and children.

In the kitchen... there are leftover raisin cinnamon rolls from this weekend.  It's good to be the wife of a chef/culinary arts teacher.  Being the guinea pig for new recipes is usually a pleasure.

I am wearing... blue Wonder Woman lounge pants and a pink tank top.

I am creating... writing samples for my Upwork profile.  I know, I know...it's a content mill.  But everyone has to start somewhere and this seems like a safe, if not super profitable, bet.

I am going... to the library and grocery store later today.  I may also stop by the art gallery where I volunteer and see if they need anything this week.

I am wondering... if I will get a response to the latest proposal I submitted on Upwork.  Writing daily art history blurbs sounds interesting and not too time consuming.  I hope I get it.

I am reading... Time, The New Yorker, and Coastal Living all came in the mail last week and I'm slowly working my way through them.

I am hoping... that Ziggy's stitches continue to heal up well.  Oh, I don't think I mentioned that I got a puppy just before Christmas.  He's now just over 4 months old and got neutered last week.  So far he's doing great and gets his stitches removed on Friday.

I am looking forward to... consistently warm weather.  This back and forth between warm and cold is wreaking havoc on my headaches.

I am learning... that I actually love classical music.  We got the cable hooked back up last fall after being without it for years and the music channels that are included with our package are kind of wonderful.  I turned on the light classical station in an effort to keep the dogs calm and block out some of the outside noise that upsets them.  I never expected to like it so much myself.  

Around the house... there are so many animals.  In addition to the new puppy, Ziggy, that I mentioned I also have a nearly two year old Bassador (1/2 basset hound, 1/2 black lab) named Sirius as well as two very old house cats named Luna and Sambuca.

I am pondering... how long I should give the brand new Cajun restaurant in town to learn the ropes before I go and give them a try.

A favorite quote for today... Mozzie on White Collar said, "Life is more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party."  It's possible that he was quoting someone else, but if so, I couldn't find the source.

One of my favorite things... is my car.  I love that little Mini Cooper a ridiculous amount.

A few plans for the rest of the week:  housework, writing, reading, opening up that bottle of chardonnay that I picked up last weekend.

Monday, March 13, 2017

So, last night it occurs to me that I haven't blogged "in a while" and I should probably check in on it.  Good grief...it's been well over two years since I used this thing.  A lot has happened over those years, some good, some bad, some indifferent.  I graduated from college, my oldest child graduated from college and moved to Japan, my middle child moved into his first apartment, I had emergency gallbladder surgery and my recovery was much longer than it should have been, I did a little travelling.  The world kept turning, life kept happening, and I didn't document any of it.

After a mostly fruitless job search (no one wants to hire a woman in her 40s with so little work experience...SAHM and student doesn't seem to count for much) I've been dipping my toe into the freelance writing pool.  I have submitted my first contracted article and I am waiting to see if there are revisions needed.  The pay is...well, it comes with a byline and I suppose that's the important part.  I have a few proposals submitted that I'm waiting to hear back about and in the mean time I'm trying to get into the habit of writing something, anything, every day.

I think there might be 2 people that actually read this, which is cool, since I think this is just going to be a sort of online diary/daybook type of thing.  I think I'm going to start a separate blog to use as a portfolio of sorts.  I haven't settled on a niche for my writing yet, so it will be a hodgepodge of product reviews, listicles, and articles.  I need to see where my strengths lie since there isn't much market for the type of academic research papers that I've been writing for the last few years.  Well, there is a market for it...but I'm not interested in helping people cheat their way through high school and college.  I did it the hard way, and damnit, everyone else should, too. I guess that makes me sound old and crotchety, but that's ok.  Also, those darn kids need to get off my lawn.